Poetry Appearing in Poetry In Motion® New York

I Finally Managed to Speak to Her

Hal Sirowitz

She was sitting across from me
on the bus. I said, "The trees
look so much greener in this part
of the country. In New York City
everything looks so drab." She said,
"It looks the same to me. Show me
a tree that's different." "That one,"
I said. "Which one?" she said.
"It's too late," I said; "we already
passed it." "When you find another one,"
she said, "let me know." And then
she went back to reading her book.

* * *
"I Finally Managed to Speak to Her" from My Therapist Said by Hal Sirowitz. Copyright © 1998 by Hal Sirowitz. Reprinted with the permission of Crown Publishers, Inc.


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