Dorothea Lasky

I hope I never get stranded on a desert island.  If I do, I would definitely want the following CDs and albums with me.*

1. Fleetwood Mac's Tusk (1979):  This is probably my favorite album of all time.  Why?  Because it's about animals, love, and the universe.  On it, Stevie Nicks and crew would bring the sorrow of being deserted on a deserted island really to the forefront with me and I'd be glad.  I would spend many hours listening to my favorite songs on it, like the title track "Tusk" and "Sara," a song about homecoming, which would be painfully ironic on the island.  And of course, I'd spend at least 1 hour a day listening to "Walk a Thin Line" on repeat.  Cause I have seen so many things that have made me wonder and yes, it is hard to tell.  And yes, no one is listening and that's why I walk a thin line.  And if all went well on the island, I might recreate the video for "Tusk" with an assembly of sea animals.

2. Kanye West 808s and Heartbreak (2008): It's strange to take this CD with me in that it just came out last year, but then what does that matter?  This CD is sad, yes, it's about heartache.  I can imagine listening to it and crying at dusk on the island, as streams of purple light would fall on my broken body. Maybe some seagulls would sing along.  Kanye West is one of my favorite rappers, even though he is singing more than rapping on this CD.  In general, even his sadness uplifts me.

3. Prince The Hits/The B-Sides (1993): Last time I counted, there were 56 songs on this album.  I like every one of them.  56 songs go a long way on a deserted island, where time is infinite.  "Alphabet Street" is my favorite Prince song.

4. Bob Dylan Blood on the Tracks (1975): Before I even knew who Bob Dylan was, someone gave me this album.  Since that day, I've been in and out of Dylan fanaticism.  I've seen him perform too many times to count.  One time, many years after first hearing Blood on the Tracks, I saw him play in small concert hall in Boston and we made eye contact.  His eyes seared through me and if I took this CD on the island, I would think about his eyes searing through me while listening to all of these songs.  My favorite song on this album is "Shelter from the Storm."  If I were able to make a straw hut on my island, I would play this song for my new home.

5. Notorious B.I.G. Ready to Die (1994): I would bring this CD with me because I would use my time on the island to write a book comparing Notorious B.I.G. and Catullus.  Even if no one ever saw the book (cause if they could see the book, then wouldn't they help me get off the island?), it would be worth it to think about this comparison.

*It is important to note that all of these albums were made by Geminis (that is if you count Fleetwood Mac as made by Stevie Nicks).  I have a thing for Geminis, especially music made by Geminis.  If my world caves in cause I'm stuck on an island, I'd like a lot of Geminis' sweet wisdom to surround me in sound.


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