Never Too Much Emily Dickinson

In September of 2009, in collaboration with The New York Botanical Garden, the PSA launched a reading series called "A Season in Poetry," featuring poets welcoming the arrival of each season with their own poems and classic favorites. The next installment of the series will take place at the Garden at three o'clock on May 15th with poets L.S.Asekoff, Ken Chen, and Eamon Grennan.

Our alliance  has led to further and exhilarating collaborations. From April 30th to June 13th, The New York Botanical Garden will be transformed into a poetry garden, as venues throughout its historic landscape become linked, visually and thematically, by one of America's most enduring poetic voices: Emily Dickinson. The exhibition, Emily Dickinson's Garden: The Poetry of Flowers, co-presented with the Poetry Society of America, will demonstrate the Botanical Garden's innovative approach to garden-wide displays that merge the arts and the natural world to produce stunning and thought-provoking results.

The centerpiece of the exhibition will be a re-creation of Dickinson's quintessential 19th Century New England garden. While an array of the flowers she wrote about blooms outdoors  at the Garden and in the Conservatory, the LuEsther T.  Mertz Library Gallery will showcase materials designed to introduce visitors to the life and art of Emily Dickinson—among them facsimile portraits, rare editions of her poems, and 19th Century botanical prints.


 (Digital fascimile from Emily Dickinson's Herbarium)

There will be a "Poetry Walk" with over 30 poetry boards and audio messages featuring Dickinson's poems and the plants and flowers that inspired her, taking visitors through some of the Botanical Garden's collections at the peak of spring flowering season.

There will be a marathon reading of Dickinson's entire oeuvre, beginning on April 30th, the opening weekend of the exhibition, and running from 10 a.m. to six p.m. on Friday, the 30th, Saturday, May 1st, and Sunday, May 2nd.  School children, literary scholars, and other visitors to the Garden will have the opportunity to read her poems, from beginning to end. Sign up here.

The "My Emily Dickinson Poetry Series," featuring distinguished poets and scholars reading and discussing favorite poems of Dickinson's will launch on the evening of May 11th  at six p.m. with Poet Laureate Billy Collins, poet Marie Ponsot, and Brenda Wineapple, author of White Heat: The Friendship of Emily Dickinson and Thomas Wentworth Higginson. Please consult our events page to explore the programming riches associated with this extraordinary multi-faceted celebration of Dickinson's art, her garden, and her life.

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Can you bring this to L.A.??


Posted Thu, May 13, 2010 at 11:37 pm

Alice Quinn's appearance on the June 9 PBS NewsHour segment on the New Yrrk Botanical Garden Emily Dickinson show was just wonderful.

—Arthur Lubow

Posted Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 9:18 pm


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