Year End Wrap Up

Richard Howard at Bishop Centennial Celebration
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Vijay Seshadri, Kimiko Hahn, Elizabeth Alexander, and David Lehman at Bishop Centennial Celebration 
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Tom Sleigh at the Bishop Centennial Celebration
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Tracy K. Smith and Yusef Komunyakaa in the green room at The Great Hall for the Bishop Celebration
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Alice Quinn and Maria Tucci in the green room at The Great Hall for the Bishop Centennial Celebration
< 14 5 6 718 >
Frank Bidart and James Fenton in the green room at The Great Hall for the Bishop Centennial Celebration 
< 15 6 7 818 >
Paul Muldoon reading a letter by Howard Moss at the Bishop Centennial Celebration
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PSA President Ruth Kaplan with 2011 Frost Medalist Charles Simic at our Annual Awards Ceremony
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Lucie Brock-Broido at the National Arts Club for the 2011 Annual Awards Ceremony
< 18 9 10 1118 >
Suji Kwock Kim  and Rigoberto Gonzalaz winners of 2011 PSA Awards
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The audience on the steps of Borough Hall for the PSA Poets Laureate reading at the 2011 Brooklyn Book Festival
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Kenneth Goldsmith at the 2011 Brooklyn Book Festival 
< 111 12 13 1418 >

Mark Strand at the 2011 Brooklyn Book Festival
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David Alexander and Richard Howard at Tanning 101, at the Museum of Modern Art to celebrate the release of Dorothea Tanning's new collection of poems
< 113 14 15 1618 >
Deborah Landau reading "One Art" at Tibor de Nagy's exhibition of Elizabeth Bishop's art and the art she owned
< 114 15 16 17 18 >

Alice Quinn and PSA Programs Director Darrel Alejandro Holnes at the Tibor de Nagy gallery
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PSA Development and Membership Director Elsbeth Pancrazi standing in front of a Calder sculpture in Gramercy Park, photo by Alice Quinn
< 116 17 18 >
Alice Quinn reading in the parlor of the National Arts Club, painted by Robert Beck, December 2011
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In recent years, our life at the PSA has been graced by the generosity and exuberance of the photographer, Lawrence Schwartzwald, who attends many of our events and sends us beautiful pictures the very next day.

Lawrence has compiled his own "Best of 2011," and we thought it might be fun at the close of this year to share a group of our favorites of his PSA photographs.

Our programming year began and ended with celebrations of Elizabeth Bishop in the centenary year of her birth. Lawrence's photographs from the New York City centennial celebration in the Great Hall at Cooper Union on her actual birthday, February 8th, launch this presentation.

He attended our annual awards ceremony in April. He was at the ready with his camera at the Brooklyn Book Festival for our Poets Laureate reading. He came to the tribute to Dorothea Tanning at the Museum of Modern Art on the occasion of the publication of her second book of poems, Coming to That, and he was on hand at the Tibor de Nagy gallery this December for the exhibit of all the art of Bishop's which she kept along with the art she bought and inherited, including portraits of her mother and her Uncle Arty, and the painting  "About the size of an old dollar bill…" by another uncle  ("You know he was quite famous, an R.A. . . .), the painting that prompted her "Poem."

2012 beckons, and we have many superb programs in the works, including a special members only series Studio Visits: Conversations with Artists about poems that have inspired them.

Please stay tuned to our website, overseen by Brett Fletcher Lauer, our managing director and poetry co-chair of the Brooklyn Book Festival.

Happy Holidays!


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