Black Swim by Nicholas Goodly, selected by Brenda Shaughnessy

Professional Crybaby by Emily Hunerwadel, selected by Kyle Dargan

The Ghost Wife by Esther Lin, selected by Patrick Rosal

What Kind of Omen Am I by zakia henderson-brown, selected by Cate Marvin


Death of a Nativist by Ryan Black, selected by Linda Gregerson

Late Frontier by Brandon Kreitler, selected by Major Jackson

Nonstop Godhead by Analicia Sotelo, selected by Rigoberto González

Oxyana by William Brewer, selected by Marilyn Nelson


Dreams of Unhappiness by Sarah Trudgeon, selected by Don Paterson

Instructions for Building a Wind Chime by Adriana Cloud, selected by Jane Hirshfield

Of Nectar by Amanda Turner, selected by A. Van Jordan

Year Zero by Monica Sok, selected by Marilyn Chin


Aeons by Max Ritvo, selected by Jean Valentine

Arctic Revival by Callie Siskel, selected by Elizabeth Alexander

Thirst by Eva Maria Saaverda, selected by Marilyn Hacker

True to Life: cuttings, mechanics, & modifications by HL Hazuka, selected by Forrest Gander


Barbarian at the Gate by Xavier Cavazos, selected by Thomas Sayers Ellis

Err to Narrow by Alicia Salvadeo, selected by Nick Flynn

Manhattations by MRB Chelko, selected by Mary Ruefle

Modern Camping by Tyler Flynn Dorholt, selected by John Yau


mere eye by Danielle Blau, selected by D. A. Powell

Self-Portrait as Missing Person by Justin Boening, selected by Dara Wier

Theory of Tides by Cherry Pickman, selected by Lucia Perillo

Travel and Leisure by Eric Bliman, selected by Vijay Seshadri


Dear Johnny, In Your Last Letter by Angela Veronica Wong, selected by Bob Hicok

Little Box of Cotton & Lightning by Marni Ludwig, selected by Susan Howe

What We Push Against by Alison Roh Park, selected by Joy Harjo

Your Bright Hand by E. J. Garcia, selected by Gerald Stern


Badger, Apocrypha by Adam Day, selected by James Tate

Black Anecdote by Andrew Seguin, selected by Rosanna Warren

Fragments of Loss by Hossannah Asuncion, selected by Kimiko Hahn

Slow Dance with Trip Wire by Camille Rankine, selected by Cornelius Eady


A History of Waves by Haines Eason, selected by Mark Doty

The Sundering by Stephanie Adams-Santos, selected by Linda Gregg

The Good News of the Ground by Heidi Johannesen Poon, selected by Cole Swensen

Lure by Jocelyn Casey-Whiteman, selected by Arthur Sze


Ave, Materia by Jean Hartig, selected by Fanny Howe

Blue House by Christopher Nelson, selected by Mary Jo Bang

Swerve by John Estes, selected by C. K. Williams

The Category of Outcast by CJ Evans, selected by Terrance Hayes


Dear Wild Abandon, by Andrew Michael Roberts, selected by Mark Strand

Dream of Water by Kate Ingold, selected by Harryette Mullen

Monster Theory by Lytton Smith, selected by Kevin Young

The Original Instructions for the Perfect Preservation of Birds &c. by Carey McHugh, selected by Rae Armantrout


Locket, Master by Maya Pindyck, selected by Paul Muldoon

Mayport by Maureen Thorson, selected by Heather McHugh

On animate life: its profligacy, organ meats, etc. by Jessica Fjeld, selected by Lyn Hejinian

The Eights by Dan Chelotti, selected by Yusef Komunyakaa


Cold Work by Cecily Parks, selected by Li-Young Lee

Guarding the Violins by Misty Harper, selected by Charles Simic

The Next Country by Idra Novey, selected by Carolyn Forche

What Remains by Stuart Greenhouse, selected by Brenda Hillman


Gilda by Andrea Baker, selected by Claudia Rankine

Meditations by Joshua Poteat, selected by Mary Oliver

Speaking Past the Tongue by Justin Goldberg, selected by Henri Cole

Woman in a Boat by K. E. Allen, selected by Robert Creeley


Forget Rita by Paul Killebrew, selected by John Ashbery

Rowing Through Fog by Kerri Webster, selected by Carl Phillips

The Misremembered World by Tess Taylor, selected by Eavan Boland

The Morning Hour by Dawn Lundy Martin, selected by C. D. Wright