Katy Bohinc on "Poem for Chad B"

Poem for Chad B

The recession was beautiful
In the sense that
We refrained from saying
It was ugly

It was 2008
And I loved again
I refrained from saying
She's a woman and
He's black
It was beautiful

In the sense that
We didn't have to say
We are emperors

On "Poem for Chad B"

Chad Bilyeu is one of the most precious people in my life. We met at Georgetown University in 2006. We were in Healy Hall, and someone said to me "you don't know Chad B?!" He met me, and then started speaking even louder. I knew he was into me.  I also could hear, from the rhythms and the vernacular of his language that he was from Cleveland, where I am from. I waited for a little bit, for him to stop peacocking. I was secretly glad he was peacocking. I walked over to sit on a couch in front of him—a more direct presentation—and I said, "you're from Cleveland." And he looked at me, with this shock. Utter shock. (I'm really good at shock value.) And we became dear friends from that point. It turns out, Chad went to high school first with my cousins and then down the street from me. It is rare when amongst the 1% of an Ivy League school, to find a soul-mate with 
deep and linguistic connections to your roots. I will always love Chad B. We were from the get incredibly honest with one another, about all topics I could ever urge to speak of, including racism, politics, and gender. This poem was about the 2008 election, and my ongoing love for Chad. In Cleveland, we talk frequently and freely about our love for one another. Cleveland, despite its utter terrors, is a good place. Chad B. is coming from Amsterdam (!) to my book party on October 27, and every time I think of it, I get very, very happy. Shout outs and love to his lady.


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