Brooklyn Book Festival

For six years, the Brooklyn Book Festival has taken over downtown Brooklyn with readings by poets, children's authors, cartoonists, playwrights, essayists, and novelists, for a day that celebrates literature of all stripes and colors (i.e. note the photograph of Kenneth Goldsmith below). This year was no exception, with events by Pulizter Prize winners and Poets Laureate.  Below,  some of photographer Lawrence Schwartzwald's images from the day. 


Kenneth Goldsmith bringing color to the stage for the panel "Art in the Mix: Inspiration, Reception and How Art Makes Meaning." 

Poet Tracy K. Smith, whose new book of poems, Life on Mars, received glowing reviews in both The New York Times and The New Yorker, with her daughter, and with Brooklyn's Poet Laureate Tina Chang, who launched the PSA's Poets Laureate Reading at the Festival.

Former Poet Laureate Mark Strand read new prose poems.

* * *

Literature was key, but the day held other charms too. Visual artist and cartoonist David Shirgley was on hand to tattoo the willing. As seen in the photo from audience member Gretchen Scott. It was  a fun day, for humans and other mammals alike. 

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